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Lemon Blossom Honey

Lemon Blossom Honey

Lemon trees grow in abundance around the coastal areas of the Mediterranean region, especially in Murcia, which has become synonymous with lemon blossom honey production.

Bees are highly attracted to the flowers of the lemon tree. The flowers that grow on the lemon tree have several appealing characteristics:

  • Striking white petals
  • Enchanting fragrance
  • Full of sweet nectar that bees can easily access

The taste of honey varies between regions and depends on which flowers bees collect their nectar from. Each type of honey has its own taste, aroma and properties. When you purchase honey from the store, you may not even give this a second thought.

Many of the cheaper honey out there blend several kinds of honey together from different areas. This means that you cannot truly rely on the taste or quality of the product, as you would with raw or single flora honey.

By choosing specific honey, such as lemon blossom, you can expect a specific taste, appearance, and consistency that you can trust. Lemon blossom honey also has some unique characteristics and properties that make it especially popular.

Lemon blossom honey is made in Spain. It is produced by bees who visit the flowers of the lemon tree. It is considered monofloral honey because it is made by bees who collect nectar from one species of plant.

Lemon Blossom Honey Bees

For fruit to grow, pollination is necessary. When pollen transfers between the male and female parts of the plant, fertilisation occurs; this means that the plant can now produce seeds or fruit. Lemon trees can self-pollinate, but bees can accelerate this process for the lemon trees, as they go about their routine of collecting nectar. Nectar is a sweet, sticky substance that is required to make delicious citrus blossom honey.

Lemon trees visited by bees will also produce more fruit. These trees are also highly attractive to other pollinators such as butterflies and other pollinating insects and ants.

Lemon trees flower throughout the year, though produce most of their flowers during the spring months, so this is the most popular time for bees to visit the trees and pollinate the lemon flowers.

Lemon blossom honey is sometimes referred to as citrus blossom honey and even orange blossom honey, as the flowers of the lemon tree can be called ‘orange blossoms.

Lemon blossom honey is popular due to its distinctive taste, traceable origins and varied uses. This honey is said to be:

  • Aromatic with a subtle citrus undertone
  • Light golden colour or pale amber
  • Smooth but with a slightly tangy aftertaste (due to citrus content)

This honey also contains all of the health benefits associated with other types of honey, including antibacterial properties, and is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help to keep our bodies healthy.

Lemon blossom honey is also thought to contain some unique characteristics that make this gentle, citrus-infused honey even more special:

  • Lemon blossom honey is high in vitamins, including vitamins C, B3, B5 and B9
  • High fructose and glucose content (making it an ideal alternative to sugar)
  • Rich in minerals such as potassium (in comparison to some other kinds of honey)

Citrus kinds of honey are also known to contain traces of caffeine; however, the amounts are minimal (4mg per kilo of honey), so there is no need to worry that this honey will keep you up at night – unless you plan to sweeten your after-dinner coffee with it! In fact, lemon blossom honey has sometimes been cited as a natural relaxant and sleep aid.

Its delicate citrus flavours also make this honey a favourite amongst children. A spoonful of honey can be given to treat or deter sore throats and colds amongst school children as a natural alternative to sugary, shop-bought cough syrups.

From its delicate golden hues to its subtle citrusy taste, it is time that you experience the benefits of the wonderfully versatile lemon blossom honey.


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