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Acacia Honey Subscription


One of the clearest honey you will ever see, our 100% Pure Acacia Honey is both light and luxurious in taste. It’s raw, cold extracted and cold filtered, resulting in a more naturally fragrant finish.

Acacia is one of the few honeys that takes more than a year to crystallize as the nectar of the acacia flower is jam packed with natural fructose. Perfect for adding light, floral sweetness to teas, sumptuously spread over bread or generously poured into porridge.

Lot 1. Contains extracted honey. Produced in Romania. Best before April 2025

Honey Bee & co Acacia Honey Lot 1

Acidity: 0,91 ml NaOH 1 n/100g

Superior Quality Acacia Honey should have: Acidity: max. 4 ml NaOH 1n/100g 

UK Law -Free acid - all honey except for baker’s honey, not more than 50 milli-equivalents acid/kg 

The low pH of honey inhibits the presence and growth of microorganisms. Its low pH makes honey compatible with many food products in terms of pH and acidity. Acids are an important component of the flavour and aroma of monofloral honey.

Diastase = 13.9%

The honey-own enzyme "Diastase" (scientifically it concerns an α-Amylase) is a marker for the authenticity of honey and represents an important quality parameter.

Accordingly, the diastase number (DN) is legally regulated according to the Schade scale (EU regulation 2001/110/EG, Codex Alimentarius).

For honey with exception of baker’s honey / industrial honey a minimum activity of 8 DN (Schade scale) is fixed.

Moisture content = 18,44% 

It is internationally recognized that good quality honey should be processed at less than 20% water content.  Low water content is desirable because honey may begin to ferment and lose its fresh quality if the water-in-honey is greater than 20%

UK Law - Moisture content—  (a)all honey except for honey specified in paragraph (b), (c) or (d) not more than 20%.

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